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EasyReg is a collection of components which restore user settings by using the Windows Registry. EasyReg basically consists of three components which maintain entries on the registry path of the respective application.
THistory.jpg (947 Byte)THistory
Every document-based application should have a Recent Files menu. This way, the user is only one mouseclick away from the document he recently worked on.
THistory is all you need to provide your application with a Recent Files menu. You just have to
- specify the registry path of your application,
- choose the menu where the document entries shall be displayed, and
- connect the THistory object to the Load and Save functions of your application.

Additionally you can specify the number of document entries which shall appear in the menu and whether they are displayed with their full path or not.

TSettings.jpg (964 Byte)TSettings
Any application which lets the user change its graphic interface should be able to save the user's personal settings. It is very convenient for the user to find his last settings when he starts an application. If you're working with a toolbox, for example, it will very handy if the box opens in your preferred position and size.

- automatically restores the position and size of its associated form, and
- additionally restores the column widths and the row heights of every grid object placed on this form.
- The settings of any other control (e.g. combobox, listbox) can easily be restored via a specific event.

TRegistryAccess.jpg (1033 Byte)TRegistryAccess
This component lets you implement any common registry access. Reading and writing is triggered exclusively by function calls. Unlike THistory und TSettings, TRegistry lets you use as many TRegistry objects per form as you like in order to bundle registry entries which are accessed simultaneously. Use our specifically designed access methods in order to implement the access to the Registry.

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