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CadoDraw is a system of Delphi components which is primarily programmed using settings in the Objekt Inspektor.

CadoDraw consists of

- a drawing canvas to display graphical objects in different scales;
- 4 types of object generators for generating various objects via mouse handling or via function call;
- an editing tool, which enables the user of your application to edit the generated objects via mouse handling;
- two data modules to store and organize the objects generated (different layers possible);
- a printer component for printing out the graphics generated (cutout and print scale can be determined);
- a component to show rulers on the drawing canvas;
- additional components like the object generator for polygon areas.
The number and combination of components used is practically unlimited.
With CadoDraw you can
- display, store, load and print object-based vector graphics.
- enable the user of your program to edit vector graphics via mouse handling.
- develop drawing programs where the user can build, display, store, load and print object structures.

The object interface
All of the object generators of CadoDraw provide an interface which allows you to integrate a specific class definition for the objects to be generated. Linking your own class definitions into the system you can generate object structures whose functionality extends far beyond that of a graphics program.

Linking objects
CadoDraw provides a perfect system for linking objects. Thus you can organize (or let the user organize) objects in chains or net-structures. CadoDraw uses the connection between linked objects to determine their position on any canvas. You can use these connections for any other property of your own objects as well.

CadoDraw lets you do much more than drawing pictures
By virtue of advanced capabilities such as integration of specific class definitions and linking objects, CadoDraw lets you handle any problem which can be organized in an object structure. In addition, you no longer need to bother about things like displaying, printing, saving and loading objects. These capabilities are already implemented in CadoDraw.

What's new in Version 4.0

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