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CadoDraw for Delphi 10.1 Berlin is now available for download.

Windows 8 !
The CadoDraw versions 4.6 for Delphi 2009 and newer are now compatible with Windows 8.
CadoDraw help for these versions is now integrating into Delphi's help system with
"MS Document Explorer".

New email contacts
We are totally fed up with getting spam and virus mails on our Sales and Support email accounts.
Hence we abandoned the old accounts.
Please contact us on our new email addresses:

Beta versions of TPrintPage and TcdPager Registered users of CadoDraw can now download the new components for free!.

TcdPager for dividing up a CadoDraw graphic on multiple print pages.
TPrintPage for positioning a cutout of a CadoDraw graphic on a single print page.

TDimLines for CadoDraw
This component is an object generator which creates associated dimension lines for measuring graphic objects.
TDimLines is capable of creating  horizontal, vertical or parallel dimension lines linked to one or two graphic objects.
The dimension lines can be created at runtime via function call or via mouse click.

A new VCL for Delphi and C++Builder, providing convenient access to the Windows registry.
EasyReg basically consists of three components

THistory for providing document- based applications with a Recent Files menu.
TSettings for restoring user settings when the application starts.
for common access to the registry entries of the respective application.


Additional components for CadoDraw
We have decided to limit the basic scope of the CadoDraw system. However, specific components, such as the new object generator
TDimLines or TcdPolygons, are available as additional components for all those who require them.

Improved Support Plan
Level2 support has
been enhanced.
You now have the choice between an unlimited number of requests within one month or five requests within a period of six months.
This will make you more flexible in case your project is delayed.

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